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Hassan Matovu and Warren Buule nominated in End Of Season Awards.


The Startimes Uganda Premier League End Of Season Awards are just around the corner, and Soltilo Bright Stars FC is thrilled to announce that two of their exceptional players have been nominated for the prestigious accolades. The club is calling upon its loyal fans and supporters to rally behind goalkeeper Hassan Matovu and defender Warren Buule by casting their votes and ensuring their well-deserved recognition in the “Goalkeeper of the Season” and “Defender of the Season” categories, respectively.

Hassan Matovu: A Guardian Angel on the Field
Hassan Matovu, Soltilo Bright Stars’ extraordinary goalkeeper, has exhibited exceptional talent throughout the season. Matovu’s impressive record of 13 cleansheets in all competitions is a testament to his outstanding skills and dedication to his craft. His acrobatic saves and aerial prowess have left spectators in awe, making him a force to be reckoned with between the goalposts. One cannot forget his heroic penalty save in the Stanbic Uganda Cup Quarter-final against KCCA, which preserved the team’s lead and secured their place in the semi-finals of the tournament. Matovu’s nomination for “Goalkeeper of the Season” is undoubtedly well-deserved.

Hassan Matovu in action against Kiyinda Boys in the Stanbic Uganda Cup

Warren Buule: The Defensive Rock with Offensive Threats
Warren Buule, Soltilo Bright Stars’ formidable defender, has been a solid rock at the backline throughout the season. Opposing forwards have found it incredibly challenging to bypass Buule, thanks to his exceptional defensive skills and unwavering commitment to the team’s success. However, Buule’s contributions are not limited to defense alone. His remarkable aerial prowess, especially during corner kicks and free kicks, has made him a constant threat to the opponent’s backline. Buule’s nomination for “Defender of the Season” is a testament to his unwavering commitment and exceptional performances.

Warren Buule clears the ball in ghe league match against Marooms FC at the Prisons Grounds in Luzira.

The Importance of Your Vote
As passionate fans and supporters, your vote holds tremendous power in determining the winners of these prestigious awards. Soltilo Bright Stars FC urges you to cast your votes in large numbers and encourage others to do the same. Each vote brings us one step closer to securing the titles of “Goalkeeper of the Season” for Hassan Matovu and “Defender of the Season” for Warren Buule. Let us unite as a formidable force and showcase our unwavering support for our outstanding players.

The Impact of Victory
The Startimes Uganda Premier League End Of Season Awards hold significant importance for both the players and the club as a whole. Winning these awards not only recognizes the exceptional performances of Matovu and Buule but also elevates the reputation and status of Soltilo Bright Stars FC in the footballing world. It showcases the talent and dedication within our club and solidifies our position among the league’s best. Your votes will play a crucial role in propelling our players to the pinnacle of success.

How to Vote
Casting your vote for Hassan Matovu and Warren Buule is easy and takes just a few moments. Visit the Uganda Premier League website or follow this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScWSPgE57xNuPy8uDZHaQYibKOeqUUresc4wiDgQyoKl4ZUtQ/viewform?usp=sf_link. Once there, simply follow the instructions provided and submit your votes. Remember, every vote counts, and your participation will make a significant difference in their journey towards victory.

A Grateful Acknowledgment
Soltilo Bright Stars FC extends its deepest gratitude to each and every fan and supporter for their unwavering dedication throughout the season. Your continuous encouragement and passionate support have been instrumental in the team’s success. Let us come together once again and show the strength of our collective support for Hassan Matovu and Warren Buule in their quest for victory in the Startimes Uganda Premier League End Of Season Awards.

Reflecting on the Season’s Achievements
Soltilo Bright Stars FC has had an eventful season, and it is important to acknowledge the collective efforts of the entire team. The club’s impressive journey to the semi-finals of the Stanbic Uganda Cup demonstrates their resilience and determination. As a cohesive unit, they have showcased their skills and passion, leaving a lasting impact on the league.

The Strength of the Soltilo Bright Stars Community
As fans and supporters, you have been the lifeblood of Soltilo Bright Stars FC. Your unwavering dedication, whether cheering from the stands or following the matches from afar, has been a source of inspiration for the players. Your support has fueled their performances and propelled them to reach new heights.

A Call to Action: Vote Now!
Now is the time to make your voice heard and cast your votes for Hassan Matovu and Warren Buule. Together, we can rally behind our exceptional players and ensure that their exceptional contributions to the team are acknowledged. Share the voting link with your friends, family, and fellow football enthusiasts. Let’s mobilize our community and demonstrate the passion and enthusiasm that sets Soltilo Bright Stars FC apart.

Soltilo Bright Stars FC proudly presents the nominations of Hassan Matovu and Warren Buule for the Startimes Uganda Premier League End Of Season Awards. Their exceptional performances as a goalkeeper and defender have made a significant impact on the team’s success throughout the season. Your votes will not only recognize their talent but also contribute to the club’s growing reputation.

As the season draws to a close, let us unite in support of our players and cast our votes in large numbers. Together, we can celebrate their achievements and propel them to victory in the Startimes Uganda Premier League End Of Season Awards. Vote now, and let the world know that Soltilo Bright Stars FC has the most passionate and dedicated fans!

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