Upcoming MatchKCCA FC vs Soltilo Bright Stars/11/12/2023/MTN Omondi Stadium, Lugogo

Soltilo Bright Stars learn the date for their Stanbic Uganda Cup quarter final match against KCCA FC.


After a protracted wait, Soltilo Bright Stars FC has finally been informed of the date of their Stanbic Uganda Cup quarterfinal match. At Kavumba Recreation Center on April 16, 2023, the group will take on KCCA FC. The game is set to start at 3 PM.

Due to the delay in announcing the match, the team and its supporters were kept in suspense. But now that the date has been set, the team can focus on preparing for the game.

A strong performance in the preliminary rounds had allowed the Soltilo Bright Stars to advance to the tournament’s quarterfinals. The team had demonstrated excellent teamwork, tenacity, and resolve in their games, and they had only conceded one goal all tournament.

For their performance in the competition, the team’s fans and the Ugandan football community were extremely complimentary. Their collective efforts as a team and sense of camaraderie were largely responsible for their success thus far.

The team is currently fully focused on their upcoming game against KCCA FC. The team’s athletes have been practicing more frequently, and they are ready to give it their all.

Even the fans of Soltilo Bright Stars were looking forward to the announcement of the match. So that they can cheer them on in the quarterfinals and advance to the semi-finals, the team is urging their supporters to attend in large numbers.

Since the match date has been set, Soltilo Bright Stars can now give their undivided attention to the preparations for game day. The team is prepared to play at their highest level and provide the crowd with something to cheer for.

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