Upcoming MatchKCCA FC vs Soltilo Bright Stars/11/12/2023/MTN Omondi Stadium, Lugogo

Maroons FC Vs Soltilo Bright Stars FC Match Report


Despite playing each other closely, Soltilo Bright Stars FC and Maroons FC were unable to score.

Many supporters eagerly anticipated the game because they would get to see their team play again after a lengthy break. The match also served as the first match of the second round of the 2022–23 Startimes Uganda Premier League for the stars.

The host team Maroons FC’s home field, the Prisons Grounds in Luzira, is where the game was played.

The coach made it clear during the pre-game interview that his goal was to earn the most points possible given that the team had generally performed better away from Kavumba than it had at home. The gaffer was approaching the encounter on this form.

However, it ended up being too close to call because both teams balanced each other out in every facet of the game. The Soltilo Bright Stars, who appeared to be the attacking threat in the opening frame, were unable to take advantage of any of the opportunities presented that night.

Both teams made numerous hard tackles and blocks in an effort to fend off the other team’s attacks during the intensely physical game. Belmos Opio, the captain of Maroons FC on that particular day, suffered an injury in one of these instances and had to be carried off by a stretcher.

The second half continued in the same manner, with both teams having a few scattered chances as the ball was mostly in the midfield.

Asaph, the manager of the first team, was pleased that the point was earned as he mentioned in the post-game interview. It thus ended as it had begun with a scoreless draw and a road point.

Beginning XI.
Hassan Matovu.
Jonathan Odongo.
Denis Omony Kaka.
Stephen Kyambadde.
Richard Buule.
Cleophus Fiat.
Alex Mandera.
Noordin Bunjo.
Emmanuel Loki.
Senkatuka Nelson.
Muhammad Kasinde.

The Mulabi Sanon.
Mr. Kaziro Jaffer.
Gideon Etou.
I’m Mulindi Ashraf.
Katsu Frank Kizanyiro.
Kigunddu Derrick.
Senyonjo Sam.

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